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I totally trust on Hans expertise to select the cane from the various plantations for the best results on my model.
Audun Halvorsen - Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Copenhagen.
If you really use the full capacity of the air and full body resistance these reeds are exactly the ones you need."
Ignas Mažvila-Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Copenhagen
I always trust Hans Wisses very fine handcraft and enjoy his careful selection of cane when ordering from fagotriet.nl.
Sebastian Stevensson-Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Copenhagen
I have to tell you that I tried a lot of different contrabassoon reeds in the last years and your reeds were the first reeds that I could really play.
Marion Reinhard-Berliner Philharmoniker
Was there a better reason to get married with this guy?
Marianne Prommel-Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra